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Address: 8 Claymore Hill Road #01-03, Singapore 229572

Office Tel: 6737-4466 ( Call us to enquire about Studio Rentals!)

Staff Mobiles: 9838-2877 / 9670-3687 (Also Available on Whatsapp!!)

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Studios - A Quick Look

At DANCE ON US we understand the importance of loving and caring for the instrument that enables us to enjoy dance and fitness – our bodies… more specifically our legs, knees, ankles and feet! As such, DANCE ON US boasts beautiful high quality teak timber sprung floors. Our studios are also fully equipped with full-length mirrors, ballet barres and professional audio systems.

DANCE ON US offers affordable studio rental rates, plush surroundings and is located right in the heart of the city to meet a variety of dance and fitness needs. We have 6 spacious studios catering to different needs and class sizes. 

Our studios are available for booking as early as 8am, and last booking can be flexible.  The building has central Aircondition, which is turned off at 10pm.  Wall-hung fans are available for bookings past 10pm.

The studios can be rented either on an ad-hoc basis (for last minute rehearsals/extra sessions required for a performance or exam) or on a longer-term basis (regular dance classes or workout sessions). Simply go online to check for studio availabilities and make a booking.  You can also download our mobileapp to make a studio bookings.  If you need any assistance, you may also call DANCE ON US (Tel: 6737 4466 or 9838 2877 / 9660 0093) for bookings.  For more information on hiring the studios, click here!

Our Studios At-A-Glance:
# Name of Studio Location



Area/Size Dimension Price p/hr
1 Yellow Claymore Max 4 288 sqft 23' x 12.5' $48
27sqm 7m x 4m
2 Red Claymore  Max 6 416 sqft 26' x 16' $60
38sqm 8m x 5m
3 Blue Claymore  Max 10 670 sqft 23' x 29' $75
62sqm 7m x 9m
  4    Green Claymore  10 - 14 820sqft 41' x 20' $95
76sqm 12.4m x 6m
5 Lilac Claymore Max 10 656sqft 29.5' x 22' $75
61sqm 9m x 6.7m
6 Violet Claymore 10 - 14 805sqft 34.5' x 25' $95
75sqm 10.5m x 7.6m
7 The Ballroom Claymore 14 - 24 1461sqft 56.5'x 28'


136sqm 17m x 8.5 

If you require a smaller studio, and only the larger studios are available, DOU Management will review and be willing to consider adjusted rates for private lessons:

  • One instructor to one student. 
  • One instructor to two students. 

Please contact Dance On Us staff for more information. 


Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is only extended to ad hoc bookings of within 30 days from the date you make the booking.
  • This offer is only available when the smallest studio is not available.
  • You can only book whichever studio is available. 
  • The number of persons occupying the studio needs to be clearly specified under  “Order Comments” under the Payment Page when you are making the online booking.  After your booking comes through with the request for lower rate, we will reply to you once it is approved, and payment arrangements can be made.
  • If the number of people using the studio is more than the number listed by you, the normal price of the utilized Studio will apply. You will be required to make a cash top up immediately before commencing with your session.


If you have any questions, please call 6737 4466 or 9838 2877 for clarifications!



 * Layout of studios are not drawn to scale

All hirers need to sign a Hirers' Agreement.